You Should Always Book a 4 or 5 Star All-Inclusive Resort

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Sadly, there is NO standard internationally for star ratings. So, what you envision as a 3 star resort, based on a recent stay at a 3 star rated resort in the United States (or Canada), can be misleading. Or if you have nothing to compare to personally, relying on a tour operator may lead to frustration as well: each tour operator has it own system of awarding stars, or diamonds, or apples or whatever. Your head will be spinning trying to decide on the best place to stay based on ratings.

Star ratings vary a lot country to country because they are based on

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what a country itself considers as basic, enhanced, and luxury. If most communities in the country do not have stable utilities such as electricity 24/7 and clean water always available, then a resort that has those things may very well be considered luxury or 5 star within that country. As someone from United States, you would consider those offerings as basic items to operate a resort or hotel within the law. So based on that  it is safe to say a 3 star resort won’t deliver your money’s worth.

Even then, you can not not be sure your expectations will live up to the rating. The solution to this dilemma is to always reserve a 4 or 5 star resort and preferably engage a travel professional to guide your choice.

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Finding the resort with the atmosphere, entertainment, food, level of service, room selection and added touches that are important to you will make your vacation unforgettable!

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I never recommend anything less than 4 stars in any destination when it comes to resorts and your important vacation experiences and memories. Four and five star resorts generally, and consistently from visit to visit, will have :
• More options and better choices in dining, alcoholic beverages, pools, and recreation;
• Prompt and professional service, especially with requests, or complaints (if any);
• More appealing, and better maintained grounds, interior public areas, guest rooms, pools and beaches;
• Better amenities such as round-the-clock room service, a wider variety of included water sports, entertainment, etc.

Plus as a travel professional, I have knowledge – sometimes firsthand – of the resort, the resort chain, the destination, and more, to guide you. Your vacation time, money, and memories are too valuable to lose to misunderstood star ratings.

From notes of April Powers.  Images courtesy of Bigstock & Pixabay.