An Insurance Confession

I’m a self-admitted insurance junkie. I even warranty a toaster. Can’t help it and I’m too stubborn to change.
I’m not going to change anyone’s mind nor is that my intent. Knowledge is power and I feel obligated to share my experience with you.
The mere mention of travel insurance sends shivers up many peoples spine. Over the past 10 years the most common responses I’ve heard is “We’ll risk it” and “We are going no matter what, so we don’t need it.”

An ambulance ride could cost you thousands.

This is certainly your right. It is also your right to be aware of what happens in an unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance on your trip.
Just a few weeks ago I was in Jamaica with several of my colleagues for a work conference. On my second day, I enjoyed an amazing lunch with one of my fellow travel agents. Pleasant conversation, great meal and we returned to our meeting. (Although we really wanted to go to the pool !) Fast forward two hours, and my colleague was in the hospital. After lunch she had a stroke, and the price for the ambulance and hospital admission came to $6800.00. She spent three days in the hospital and was able to be medevac’d home with her husband. Their total out of pocket price came to $17,200.00. Certainly a travel agent had travel insurance. How could the out of pocket be so high? She took out the least expensive policy with little coverage for medical. Her policy simply didn’t cover all the expenses.


Be sure you have money reserves if you have little or no travel insurance !

Why am I sharing this with you? Am I trying to convince you to purchase travel insurance? No. Do I recommend it? Always. Bottom line – travel insurance is not mandatory. I want you to be adequately prepared in the event of an unfortunate, unforeseen situation. Make sure the credit card you bring has plenty of room available for emergencies like this. If not, make sure your family or friends can cover you in the event something happens.

Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Safe travels.

This article was written by April Powers, your travel specialist and owner of April Powers Travel. Images are courtesy of Pixabay.