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Top 9 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Santorini

Surrounded by turquoise waters, sun-kissed beaches, and multi-colored cliffs, Santorini is a dream. Greece has an ancient aura with a picturesque view that can’t compare to any other place in the world. From nature to its delectable cuisine and adrenaline rush activities, it will make your visit unforgettable.

Here are the top 9 reasons you will fall in love with this breathtaking island of Greece.

Santorini - relaxing by a pool

 A pool with a caldera view
Image: Bigstock

  1. Caldera Views

The volcanic eruptions created Cauldron-shaped calderas from centuries ago. The island came to recognition as the infrastructure was built to mimic the rough landscape. The stoic white-washed houses and dome-shaped architecture are probably the first things you think of when Greece pops up and is a must-visit to capture the beauty of Greece.

  1. Sunsets in Santorini

One evening in Oia is a must if you want to witness the most breathtaking sunset. This gorgeous view is notable for catching the pink, lavender purple, and blazing orange skies.

  1. Luxury Hotels

Santorini caters to a vast hotel industry that will occupy you with activities and dining. There are sea-front balconies, private pools, and bungalows available for you to unwind after a busy day full of adventures and exploring.

Santorini typical architecture

Always white buildings against the blue of the sky and sea
Image: Pixabay

  1. Food

Greece offers a large gastronomy selection ranging from fusion food to traditional platters at taverns. In addition, there is plenty of gyro and never-ending seafood that you can enjoy next to the gorgeous blue waters. Add a cocktail or a Santorini wine, and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Volcanoes

The activities here are endless but if you had to pick one, make sure to do a boat tour or the catamaran cruise. The tour gives you a glance at the island and its volcanoes and hot springs. In addition, some specific tours allow you to swim in the healing waters of the Nea Kameni. The tour packages come with snacks, and delectable cocktails, so sip and enjoy!

  1. Picture Perfect Scenery

Architecture is vast in Greece, so be sure to walk around and view the old neighborhood and towns. The alleyways lead you to cave dwellings and sacred churches that tell you a story of the past. There are many colorful displays against the whitewashed dome architectures, so picture perfect!

Santorini dining by the sea

Dine on local fare by the sea
Image: Adobe Stock

  1. History

There are endless relics from the past historical periods that still exist in Greece today. If you crave local history, make sure you check out the archaeological site of Akrotiri and visit the numerous museums for their latest excavations.

  1. Beaches

This island is infamous for having the world’s most beautiful beaches. The volcanic rocks alongside the beach differentiate the appearance from any other beaches. So soak in the sun, deep-dive into the waters, and enjoy the spectacular view of pure bliss.

  1. Adventure

There are tons of beachside and water activities you’ll be able to participate in a whole day of adventure, including going on jet-ski rides, scuba diving, horseback riding, or you can even book a photo tour! There are also numerous castles and historical sites that will preoccupy you all day.

Santorini dining by the sea

A Santorini sunset
Image: Adobe Stock

Whether you’re relaxing at your hotel in your private plunge pool, sipping on cocktails, exploring the beautiful town side, or even just lounging on the beach, there is more to Greece than meets the eye.

Are you ready to create your memorable trip to Santorini? Contact your travel agent today to begin planning your Santorini experience.

 Feature image of  the famous Santorini sunset courtesy of Bigstock.