new reality of travel - couple on beach

The ‘New Reality’ of Travel – Health & Safety First

The rumors are true, Antigua, Cancun, and Jamaica opened their countries to International Travelers this month. Guests are being greeted with the genuine warmth of the people as well as the sun, relaxation, and fun.

If you’re considering a visit to Antigua, Cancun or Jamaica, be prepared for a few changes. Your health and safety are of vital importance, and this means adjusting to the new normal and following new procedures. What changes should you expect if you’re traveling to one of these paradise locations? You’ll need to wear a mask at the airport and on the plane. You’ll need to complete a Health Declaration Form. You’ll undergo Health Screenings to determine the risk posed for transmission of Covid-19. Your temperature will be checked through thermal cameras at airports, and you might receive a nasal swab test for Covid-19 upon arrival.  Also, you may need to quarantine at your resort until you receive your test results. As soon as you receive a negative test result, you may explore the island at your leisure. Until you receive the result, you may use the hotel facilities and the beach only.

Here’s where it gets tricky; the health and safety protocols to enter each destination is different. The Health Screenings that determine your risk for transmission of Covid-19 at each destination is different. The Covid-19 test requirement is different in each destination. Quarantine protocols in each destination are different. Where you are required to wear a mask is different in each destination. And all this information may change tomorrow. Hint – this is why you want to work with a Travel Professional. If you’re going on vacation, please get all the facts, so you are not caught off guard.  

Your Travel Professional,
April Powers