Celebrate your Life and Love with your Anniversary Getaway

Your anniversary is all about escaping the “every day,” taking a break from stress, reconnecting, and enjoying the dream trip you’ve been waiting to take. You’re taking time to celebrate the love you share while also going on a fun adventure and creating new memories. Whether you want to unwind in a peaceful destination or explore foreign cities’ culture and history, I know how to coordinate your anniversary trip to your exact specifications. I learn what interests and thrills you as a couple and determine the best accommodations, activities, and entertainment to personalize your anniversary getaway. I ensure that you can leave your worries at home and simply enjoy your time together as a couple.

Why Book Your Anniversary with April Powers Travel?

  • Personal touches that elevate your anniversary to a romantic travel experience
  • Tailored itineraries, personalized activities, and private tours/excursion
  • Comprehensive knowledge and coordination—from the best destination for you and time to visit – to transportation, dining reservations, and more
  • You can reach us 24/7 during your travels, so you don’t have to stress about any hiccups along the way.

A few Anniversary Destinations of Expertise

Italy – Revel in delicious food and wine accompanied by art, history, and beautiful scenery

Greece – Discover ancient history and island-hop around the spectacular Mediterranean Sea Bavaria & Switzerland – Enjoy everything from quaint historic cities to picturesque mountainside towns Croatia – Explore a plethora of medieval architecture and then relax on beaches set against the Adriatic Sea

Hawaii – Celebrate your romance with idyllic beaches, magical volcanoes and tropical forests, and intimate experiences

Caribbean – Indulge in island life, from sunbathing, tropical drinks, and delicious dining

Mexico – Stroll sand-swept beaches, admire the ancient history and relax in romantic surroundings

Fiji – Discover a mix of tranquility and adventure on these islands brimming with colorful coral reefs and magical beaches

The Maldives – Jet off to this exotic location where you’ll find white beaches, blue waters, romantic settings, and luxurious experiences