Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Congratulations! You are getting married! As you plan your big day, if you are like most couples, you feel a bit overwhelmed with the endless details and decisions required to make your wedding everything you desire.

By the time you begin planning your honeymoon, you may be burned out to make decisions and be ready to agree to anything. I get it because that is what I did, and I regretted it the first day of my honeymoon.

Is it best to plan your honeymoon 6-9 months in advance?

Yes, but not if you are so stressed, it will affect your honeymoon decision making. You want to remember your honeymoon for all the right reasons. Your first time away as a married couple to celebrate your love will forever be in your memories.

There are many details to consider, destination, proper documentation, accommodation style, level of service, expectations, protocols, etc.

Honeymoon Planning - be prepared with masks

Detailed Planning Beforehand, Less Stress on the Honeymoon 
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Where should you go?

It’s important that you choose a destination that offers the experience you both desire. If you choose a laid back island and are an active couple who gets bored relaxing at the beach and pool quickly, you will be unhappy!

Likewise, if you choose a destination to experience the local culture and sightsee, you’ll be disappointed if you aren’t allowed to explore outside a specific zone due to restrictions.

There are a lot of fluid details, and you will want to stay on top of them to avoid being disappointed.


A “Sightseeing” Honeymoon May Not Suit Everyone
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Lastly …

One last piece of unsolicited advice, please do not choose your honeymoon destination and details based on your family or friend’s honeymoon. As a couple, you are unique, and you know what you do and do not enjoy. Design your honeymoon to reflect who you are as newlyweds.


Plan a unique honeymoon that suits you as a couple
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