We are currently working remotely and accepting phone appointments for new clients.

We are committed to assisting our clients during the COVID-19 crisis and are carefully monitoring all future client travel while cautiously advising on pending or new travel plans. We are working very closely with our Industry partners and receive real-time updates daily from around the world on policy amendments, closures, schedule changes, and government regulations. We provide our clients the most current, relevant information to help guide their travel decisions.

To all our incredible Clients – thank you for your loyalty, understanding, and patience. Your words of support, kindness, and encouragement have fueled us through these uncertain times, and we look forward to turning your travel dreams into reality.

Our primary objective is to continue to act as Trusted Advisors to our clients, always keeping their safety, health, and best interests at the forefront.

Traveling During COVID-19

For those who choose to continue to travel, we are here to work with you. As a Travel Advisor, I will present the inherent risks involved in traveling during this time to ensure that you can make an informed decision.

By engaging April Powers Travel to plan a future trip, you acknowledge and understand that as a result of Covid-19, you could potentially experience one or more of the following situations while traveling and that these measures can be put in place by governing bodies and various travel providers (air, tour, hotel, transportation, etc.) at any time, with little to no prior notice.

  • Mandatory Quarantine
  • Negative Covid-Test results to gain entry into your destination and/or other pre-arrival documentation
  • Changes or cancellations in flight schedules
  • Temperature taking or other medical policies put in place
  • Hotels and resorts operating with limited services and fewer outlets (select restaurants, no turndown service, limited occupancy in gym, spa, pools, etc.)
  • Mandatory mask-wearing in public or private spaces
  • Any other measures as determined by resorts, airlines, and local governments

Covid-19 related policies and procedures are continually changing and beyond our control. We strongly recommend checking airline, resort, and government websites before departure to ensure that you have the most up to date information for your travels.

Working with a trusted travel advisor has never been more important than now, and we promise we will always have your back when you feel safe and ready to explore the world again.