Connor & Kaley’s Honeymoon In Cabo San Lucas

Honeymoon In Cabo San Lucas

Six days · Luxury Resort

August 2018

“Five Stars”

Whenever my wife and I first started looking at possible destinations for our honeymoon we came across the Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas. This was our dream location for our honeymoon, and exactly what we wanted for our trip, however we thought it was out of our price range. A few months later we decided on contacting April to plan our honeymoon. She was very responsive and helpful and made us believe that she would help us plan out the exact trip we wanted. She sent us over a questionnaire that we worked on and after discussing the questionnaire and other details with her she was able to find an incredible deal for us at the resort of our dreams. This was despite the fact we thought we could never afford staying their! Throughout the rest of the planning process she was incredible helpful and figured out every detail for us making our trip so incredibly easy. She was always available to discuss any questions that we had, and before leaving for our trip she called to make sure we felt comfortable with everything. I highly recommend April and her services, she is very professional and will ensure you get the highest quality trip that you want