Flamenco, the Music of Andalusia

Certain types of music and dance become associated with countries. Spain is no exception as one’s mind immediately hears the guitarist and sees the brightly dressed female dancer, her feet pounding a staccato beat and fingers clicking castanets.

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10 Haunted Hotels in Great Britain

When one travels, a good night’s rest before a day of sightseeing is paramount – unless of course, you travel with the object of a disturbed night as your ultimate goal. The paranormal has always intrigued the public since the fascination ...

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Romantic Santorini

Ask most anyone who has been to Santorini and they will invariably refer to it as the most beautiful vacation spot they have ever visited. “Heaven on earth”, is a frequent comment. It is the perfect place to propose, ...

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, has become a popular port for cruise lines. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland America, to name just few, offer cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean.  The city’s art, architecture and culture make Barcelona a perfect city for either ...

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A Magical Place in Ireland

There are probably few people in the western world who have not heard of the Blarney Stone. It has been for years a tourist pilgrimage for visitors to Ireland. They come in the droves, from ordinary folks to everyday names in film, art and politics, to kiss the stone at Blarney Castle in the village of Blarney near Cork.

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Iceland   So, you are contemplating your vacation choices and none of them are creating that tingle of excitement you’ve come to expect. You’ve snorkeled in the warm waters of the Caribbean, visited the theme parks in Florida or California, kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, cruised down the Rhine, and drank [...]


Popular Portofino

Popular Portofino   Portofino, Italy Once upon a time there was a sleepy little fishing village located on a peninsula in a half-moon shaped bay on the north west coast of Italy now known as the Italian Riviera. Like many ancient villages it had gone through a number of rulers [...]

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