Romantic Venice | A Gondola Ride

Something everyone should have on their bucket list: taking a gondola ride in Venice. Evidently most people must think this way, as today there are about 400 gondoliers plying...

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In Search of the Polar Lights

The Northern Lights are a great attraction for those of us who wander with a purpose on our vacations and an unexpected delight for those of us who don’t. If you wish to see the polar lights there are certain areas and times when it is most desirable to visit.

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The Rich Coast, Costa Rica

Let’s visit Costa Rica that small Central American country sandwiched between Nicaragua on the north and Panama on the south and the two bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Do not be fooled into lumping this tourist destination into the same category as all the other countries in the region.

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London Attractions

There are certain cities that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. London, England is one of them. A day or two’s sojourn won’t do this place justice though perhaps you will see a few highlights, enough to whet your appetite to return. To get the real flavor of the city ...

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3 Fun Festivities in Europe

There are hundreds of festivities celebrated throughout Europe and if you are lucky in the timing of your travels, you may be able to attend one whether by design or by happenstance. For instance, many folks travel specially ...

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3 Romantic Castles Worth Visiting

Everyone has their favorite from the Prince’s castle in Sleeping Beauty to the castle of the villain, Count Dracula. In this article we will explore three castles representing three different types of romantic castles: the “fairy tale ...

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Flamenco, the Music of Andalusia

Certain types of music and dance become associated with countries. Spain is no exception as one’s mind immediately hears the guitarist and sees the brightly dressed female dancer, her feet pounding a staccato beat and fingers clicking castanets.

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10 Haunted Hotels in Great Britain

When one travels, a good night’s rest before a day of sightseeing is paramount – unless of course, you travel with the object of a disturbed night as your ultimate goal. The paranormal has always intrigued the public since the fascination ...

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Luxury Honeymoons

For those who decide that a honeymoon is the time to go all out and try something just a little different than the normal escape, here’s a few suggestions for luxury honeymoons with links to examples ...

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A Magical Place in Ireland

There are probably few people in the western world who have not heard of the Blarney Stone. It has been for years a tourist pilgrimage for visitors to Ireland. They come in the droves, from ordinary folks to everyday names in film, art and politics, to kiss the stone at Blarney Castle in the village of Blarney near Cork.

A Magical Place in Ireland2018-03-14T16:48:34+00:00
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