Four Quick Tips for Traveling in 2022

We have all been travel-starved over the past few years, and now that the world has opened up again, we are flocking to the vacation destinations that had been put on hold. This pent-up desire has opened up new challenges to travel. Here's four quick tips ...

Four Quick Tips for Traveling in 20222022-07-20T15:14:50+00:00

Five Places To Explore In Spain

There are countless reasons why you may wish to visit Spain. Spain offers beautiful scenery and diverse experiences from lounging under palm trees and gazing ...

Five Places To Explore In Spain2022-06-23T12:43:02+00:00

Get a U.S. Passport | What You Need To Know

It's time to stop dreaming and start planning for your next adventure. That means you need to get your passport in order. Whether you've never applied for one before, or it's been a few years ...

Get a U.S. Passport | What You Need To Know2021-04-05T12:21:46+00:00

Hawaiian Honeymoon Experience

If there's one place that just oozes romance, it's the islands of Hawaii. From its black sandy shores to its towering volcanoes and lush waterfalls, Hawaii is packed with tons of ...

Hawaiian Honeymoon Experience2021-03-18T18:09:01+00:00

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Congratulations! You are getting married! As you plan your big day, if you are like most couples, you feel a bit overwhelmed with the endless details and decisions required to make your wedding everything you desire.

Honeymoon Planning Tips2020-12-02T16:11:08+00:00

The Rich Coast, Costa Rica

Let’s visit Costa Rica that small Central American country sandwiched between Nicaragua on the north and Panama on the south and the two bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Do not be fooled into lumping this tourist destination into the same category as all the other countries in the region.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Professional

Stress-free vacation (Image: Bigstock) TOP 5 REASONS TO USE A TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL 1. You Are Not Just a Name or a Number Your travel professional will take time to get to know you – your likes, dislikes – everything that determines the right fit for you in a vacation. Based on this, he/she [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Professional2019-12-31T19:22:53+00:00

When To Book Your Vacation

One of the most popular questions I receive is “when should I book my vacation?” It’s a simple question, and I’ll provide you with a long drawn out answer. Many factors determine the best time to reserve your getaway.

When To Book Your Vacation2018-06-18T14:08:38+00:00

Custom Travel Planning

Have you ever planned a custom trip? If you have, you either had the time of your life with spreadsheets and charts, or you hit a level of stress that gave you a migraine. If you are in the latter category, you are in the majority!

Custom Travel Planning2018-02-21T15:06:34+00:00

April’s Travel Tips

Here are a few tips to prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip: Always pack 2 days’ worth of clothing in your carry-on. If your luggage is misplaced, you’ll have clothes to wear. Also ...

April’s Travel Tips2017-12-15T15:11:21+00:00
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